What are the causes of distortion in speakers?

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If you want to hear the music with high volume, then you can notice that your speaker restrain some distortion. Actually, what causes distortion in speakers and below are the reasons that may occur that includes:

  • The widespread delusion of speaker distortion is that while amplifier transmits too much of power and the speakers will blow.
  • In fact, the converse is true. If your amplifier is underpowering the speakers, you are much more likely to hear this distortion or cause any damage. Here, the higher volume is asking the amplifier for higher power. If it is unable to offer sufficient, your speakers sound distorted.
  • Also, if the speakers are a low making quality, they can be simply smashed at higher volumes, regardless of the quantity of power from amplifier.
  • When the volume improves, the drivers can expand advance as well as faster. This increase in movement causes warmth inside the speaker.
  • If the speaker parts are poor quality, then the heat damage may occur that leads to distortion.
  • When your speaker is playing at lower levels, the damage might not be noticeable, but higher the volume, the more damage might occur.

How to prevent distortion?

The main solution to prevent distortion means selecting the speakers with the highest quality parts. Moreover, you will need to select an amplifier that offers enough power for your system.

However, combining the top quality speakers with the best amplifier will assure your system is well equipped to carry out the music at any volume. Usually, the unwanted speaker distortion causes by the signal that can be too powerful.

If an audio signal level is too high for a specific part to deal with and then the parts of the signal will be lost. At the end result, this would be coursing the distorted sound.

Best ways to solve your speaker distortion at low and high volume

Having the best music is one of the greatest achievements, which could make your ride more comfortable. But, most people can make some simple mistakes that would result in the distorted sound from speakers while in high volume and sometimes in low volume. If you face speaker distortion at lower as well as higher volume, below are some of the best ways to implement that includes:

Car speakers distortion

  • Use the high pass filters
  • Avoid bass boosted music
  • Use an equalizer or signal processors
  • Use a crossover
  • Use a car amplifier
  • Always use the top quality music files
  • Setting up your amp gains
  • Replace your car speakers
  • Minimize the bass at high volume as well as maximize at low volume


Hence, in order to get the higher clear sound output without any distortion at high and low volume, you have to understand the basics so that you can be able to understand your system power and also be able to adjust the controls as well. Thus, the noise is offering a suitable atmosphere for the speakers to output the clear and fine sound without distortion.

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